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Who's the Rocket man ? - Loretta and the Bad Kings
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Reconsider me - Loretta and the Bad KIngs
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Follow my hips - Loretta and the Bad Kings
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Created with the ultimate purpose of making people dance, Loretta and The Bad Kings is a band that gets it's roots in the blues, soul and R&B of the 50's and 60's. Add a little country and hillbilly music with a taste of Texas spices and you've got the perfect mix for a raw and wild rockin' evening. With their experience stemming from work within various bands (Franck Goldwasser, James Harman, Jimmy Burns, Deitra Farr, Dawn Tyler Watson, Amos Garett, Shawn Pittman, Doo the Doo, the Wild West Blues Revue, Lazy Lester...), these four musicians have been travelling all over Europe (and sometimes crossed the Atlantic ocean) for the last 15 years.


Loretta's voice, sometimes sweet as honey, sometimes raw as a T-bone steak, will speak to your soul while Anthony' Stelmaszack's guitar will thrill your body all over. What about Andy Martin and Mig Toquereau, the rhythm section? Look at the definition of groove in the dictionary, there is a high chance that you will see their picture there. Trust my word, you must see them live. Just one more thing:

Don't forget your rockin' shoes!


En 2007, Loretta, émouvante à souhait,  ex-membre de la « Wild West Blues Revue » et de «  Southside blues », a su réunir autour d’elle trois routards forcenés, amis de longue date et fines gachettes : Anthony Stelmaszack (Jimmy Burns, Jimmy Johnson, Amos Garett, Deitra Farr, James Harman, J.B. Boogie..), Mig Toquereau (Curtis Salgado, Franck Goldwasser, Shawn Pittman, Doo the Doo…) et Andy Martin (Buddy Miles, Lazy Lester, Bob Feldman, Matt farrell, Shawn Pittman..). Forts de cette expérience « américaine », ce mélange explosif laisse une trace indélébile dans chaque ville visitée. Leur Blues n’a aucune frontière et le public, qui ne se trompe jamais, est au rendez-vous. Loretta et ses Bad Kings n’ont qu’un seul but, essentiel et originel : vous faire danser.

Blues, Rythm'n'Blues, Rock'n'Roll, and Country Bands

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